The SafetyBlu Inspection Kit – Is it Worth It?

safety bluThe SafetyBlu SB-450 Inspection Kit has taken the market by storm. It can be described as a lightweight, easy-to-carry, high-intensity LED flashlight. What separates the SB-450 kit from other tools in the industry is that it can locate fluid leaks quite early on. This not only reduces the number of injuries miners or scuba divers sustain but also reduces fluid consumption by 5-7% annually.

The FluidSafe technology of the SB-450 kit assists in the early detection of leakage and removal of liquids used in hydraulics if a haywire fluid injection penetrates the human skin. When a suspected area is illuminated under SafetyBlu’s powerful blue LED light, the fluorescent glow highlights the exact location of the injected material, which makes it easier for medicinal practitioners to deny or confirm if the hydraulic penetration took place. Thus, it is fair to say that it also aids in the surgical removal of excess fluid.

The usefulness of the SafetyBlu flashlight extends to fluid leaks in hydraulic system hoses, fittings, and seals. This can result in the prevention of catastrophic mishaps.

The LED is housed in a robust aluminum body which has been anodized. This makes the SafetyBlu corrosion resistant and increases the life of the instrument. The SafetyBlu derives its power from a NiMH battery. This battery is of rechargeable nature and provides up to 1.5 hours of regular usage between charging cycles.

The SB-450 kit also includes AC chargers, a belt that can support the kit, DC chargers, and illumination-improving glasses. All of the components mentioned above are packaged in fitted compartments in a sleek carrying case.