Debunking the Age Old Myth of “Size Matters” for Flashlights

NIGHTSTICK is an industry leader in professional lighting solutions. Recently, it launched its flagship product the MT-100, which has taken the market by storm. NIGHTSTICK’s MiniTAC MT-100W family is known for its typical four-flashlight nightstick flashlightconfiguration. What’s amazing about this particular flashlight model is that it is a top quality product while being relatively small and lightweight. The MT-100 houses the brilliant CREE LED flashlights with a deep parabolic reflector and measures less than 5.6-inch. This peculiar design means that the light produced from this flashlight is a tight, long beam which is ideal for long distance illumination.

The first warning bell that might ring in the mind of most customers is that due to its short size, the model must compromise quality. However, this is not the case as the NIGHTSTICK MT-100 family boasts a high level of functionality and can be flicked on or off in a moment by using the tail switch. The body of these flashlights is made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum which has not only made the model light but also virtually indestructible. On top of the MT-100 family being chemical and water resistant to an astonishingly high degree, it has also survived the fall test from a height of 2 meters.

All of the four NIGHTSTICK MT-100 series flashlights are powered by a set of batteries and are protected by a limited warranty. The MT-100, MT-110, and MT-120 models all feature a sturdy metal pocket clip. The MT-130 (Gooseneck) takes this a step further and features a removable clip-on magnet that makes it ideal for hands-free use. Undoubtedly, the most exciting feature of the Mini-TAC MT-100 family is the sheer amount of concentrated light the flashlight gives off. Even though it is a very small model, it is incredibly powerful and has successfully debunked the age-old myth that the size matters.